The silly ones…

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    I’m looking back at these pictures trying to figure out which ones I want to print and it’s such a strange feeling to...
  2. rockie-road said: Love the silly ones the most!
  3. thepreppyhippielife said: Love these
  4. pugonebabyzero said: lmao these are adorable! Some of these would look great in frames in the nursery! My favourite is Kyle’s impersonation of you, he looks like a goof!
  5. ana-and-oliver said: I love these
  6. ledbacktolove said: You guys are awesome!
  7. kittykatlovesmama said: You guys are adorable! I love every single picture. So much love. So much beauty. So much happiness. Your baby is blessed
  8. ourgiftfromastork said: These are great!
  9. roslinatreidesdance said: you two are freaking ADORABLE!! I cant wait to see Peanut!